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CLIVE, Iowa — It was a wake up call no business owner wants to hear.  Jacob Mead, the owner of Mobile Spot in Clive said the burglary on Friday was disturbing.  “They actually threw a rock through the window, smashed that and crawled through the window and made their way to the display case,” he said.   Watching remotely and helpless from his home, Jacob saw the thief run off with around a dozen cell phones costing around $6,000.  “I’ve worked really hard to get where I am and to see someone snatch that and take your dream is heart breaking,” said Jacob.

After the break-in, Mobile Spot pressed on and remained open and positive.  They even poked fun with signs that read “Someone needed a cell phone at 2:58 am.” Jacob said, “Sometimes you just have to have a sense of humor.  It’s all you can do.”

Early Thursday morning, just six days later they were burglarized again.  The second time was more emotional because I just built up the inventory,” said Jacob.  Clive police believe the same man is responsible.  Sergeant Vernon Lukehart said, “It was the same.   He takes a rock, throws it through the window and goes in looking for phones and is gone pretty much immediately.”  Sergeant Lukehart said the Mobile Spot may not be the only cell phone store he has targeted.  “There is a person of interest that looks the same on the video that we are getting with the Des Moines police to seek out and find information about that.”

Mobile Spot ran into some good luck when the suspect was unsuccessful at breaking into a case with high-end phones by using a scanner.  He then was equally unsuccessful trying to use a small display to break the glass and that cut him in the process.  It also left behind valuable evidence.  Jacob said, “About thirteen blood samples is what they found and they were found on the display case and the floor.”

Investigators hope the key evidence can lead to a match.  “We’ve got a good amount of evidence so eventually we are going to find this individual,” said Lukehart.  Jacob says he too has something important in his DNA.  It doesn’t make it right, it is still wrong but I am a forgiving guy.  I do hope they catch him and maybe he’ll learn from this mistake.”

Jacob says the phones that were stolen are now blacklisted. Anyone that tries to activate them will be refused by any carrier.

The Iowa Hawkeyes are 0-4 in the Big Ten after another home loss, this one to Ohio State, 92-81.

Jordan Bohannon had 15 points and 10 assists for the Hawks.

Iowa plays its next three games on the road.