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Two days after Christmas, Iowa plays Boston College in the Pinstripe Bowl. The game is played in New York City’s Yankees Stadium.

This brought back memories, and some humor, for Hawkeye head coach, Kirk Ferentz.

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  The city of Des Moines will head back to the voting booth in March as residents voice their opinion on a local option sales tax.

On Monday evening, the city council voted unanimously to initiate a special election on the proposal. Multiple cities in Polk County are already working to pass resolutions for the special election. They are partnering with Des Moines to put the tax in place.

For Des Moines, it represents about $37 million in alternative revenue annually.

“We don’t have an expense problem, we have a revenue problem. We are unique in the city of Des Moines, we do not have the ability to access property tax for 40% of our properties” said council member Christine Hensley. “And I always use the example to you, if you were to look at your own home budget and somebody were to come in and say, okay, I want you to run your home the way you are accustomed but I’m going to take 40% of that budget away.”

Once the Polk County Commissioner of Elections calls for the special election, the city council will have to set the ballot language by December 29th. The special election would then be held on March 6th.