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AMES, Iowa – According to the Ames Police, officers responded to a complaint at a skate park where Brian Peavy and another person were spray painting underneath a bridge. When the police arrived and confronted the suspects Peavy and the other person ran. Police eventually tracked down Peavy, the other suspect got away.

Peavy was arrested and charged with 4th degree criminal mischief (The criminal mischief charge is based on the amount of damage which is estimated between 200-500 dollars) and interference with official acts.

Peavy was arrested at 5:06pm and booked into the story county jail. He bonded out a short time later.

KXNO’s Chris Williams first reported that Peavy remains in good standing with the team, and is expected to play Saturday vs. Kansas State. An Iowa State spokesperson later confirmed the report.

ALTOONA, Iowa — “I like that it`s outside, but yet you still feel like it`s kind of closed in, like the mall,” said shopper Bekah Johnson. “I love the fact that they`ve got places for people to sit.”

Why not shop online? Johnson says something you can`t get while shopping online, but you can get shopping at a mall or an outlet, is ambiance and atmosphere.

“The Christmas lights, the people, the music, gets you in the spirit,” said Johnson.

And if the ambiance isn’t enough, you have folks like Corey Miles, Manager at Under Armour, doing his best to motivate shoppers.

“When you`re online, you don`t get that experience,” said Miles. Here, you come see me, you see my amazing crew behind me that have that intensity, that emotion, the passion, the excitement for our brand and our customers. (It’s a) tremendous difference when you come in the store.”

And then there are the practical advantages of shopping at brick and mortar stores.

“I like going out,” said shopper Rick Malizia. “I like to touch the material. I like to try it on so for me it`s nice to get out.”

Shopper Jennifer Mott also likes to touch the material, “because I like having things in my hands,” said Mott. “And bringing it home with you.”

You can try things on and bring them home with you the same day when you shop in person, and there’s no waiting for items to be delivered.

And of course, for some, going shopping on Thanksgiving Day is an annual tradition.

“I hate to say it, but I do,” said Mott. “I always go after family dinner.”

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

it’s all part and parcel of the holiday shopping season, which has now officially begun.