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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Some stark divisions have emerged between Iowa Republican leaders on how best to handle sexual harassment allegations, and those divisions happen to fall along gender lines.

Iowa’s governor said one thing on Tuesday, and then the State Senate Majority Leader said something very different later that same day. Governor Kim Reynolds commended Senate Republicans for taking steps to employ a human resources professional. Then, later in the day, Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix announced the Senate would delay making a decision on whether to hire a human resources professional to take sexual harassment complaints.

There was also a divide on the matter of whether Senate Republicans should release the results of an internal investigation into sexual harassment allegations.

“I do believe that if there are additional facts that were not brought out through the trial process, being cognizant of personal information, I think that, you know, we need to be transparent and open and that they should release those, that information,” said Governor Reynolds.

But Senate Majority Leader Dix had a different point of view.

“You know, at a future time I might reconsider that again if (an) outside organization deems that to be the best thing,” said Dix. “The reason I hesitate now is that that investigation was taken place with what I believe is the expectation of the employees to provide that information confidentially.”

That investigation took place after the state agreed to pay $1.75 million to former Senate Staffer Kirsten Anderson to settle her sexual harassment lawsuit.

AMES, Iowa  —  Students at Iowa State University need to take extra precaution when responding to emails.

The Information Technology Center on campus is alerting them to an email phishing scam. The message has a legitimate-looking subject line, saying “Iastate Information Technology,” and requests users reactivate their VPN.

Anyone who receives the email should delete it and should not click the link inside.

ISU says the school will never ask for an ID or password via email.