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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Marshalltown Fire Chief David Rierson admits he made a mistake Monday.  “Actually a little bit embarrassed,” he said.  As the community had been mourning what they believed to be a death declared by Rierson after a carbon monoxide incident Sunday , they found out Wednesday all fifteen residents inside the church on East South Street were alive and one did not die.  Rierson said, “I am absolutely relieved nobody died in that incident.”  No deaths, but nobody was supposed to be operating in the building that has been vacant since 2011.  The group was supposed to be inquiring about purchasing the building.  “The problem became when they decided to hold a church service there and the running of the generator and all the extension cables and lighting because there was no electric or gas service to the building,” Rierson said.

Multiple signs have deemed this church unsafe for months. While the fire chief isn’t making excuses for the group who was using this building he says they may not have understood it because it’s in english.  “I would say that a language barrier and knowledge of what is going on in the city, yes that played a role,” said Rierson.

Thankfully it was not a deadly lesson, but it is one that will motivate the city.  “We will take this incident and reach out to the members of the Hispanic community through interpreters and see what we can do to spread more knowledge and awareness to what the codes are,” Rierson said.

Given the circumstances, the miscommunication and language barrier, the fire department does not believe the group operating the church will be cited for code violations.

EDMONTON, Alberta – When authorities responded to a car accident in Alberta, Canada, on Monday, they found a carload of naked people. But that’s just one of several strange elements of the story out of Nisku, south of Edmonton.

Police say it began around 9:30am Monday when a woman, her 6-week-old infant, and her father were kidnapped from a Leduc County home and forced into a vehicle, per the AP and Edmonton Journal.

The father, who was in the trunk, escaped while the vehicle was moving shortly before the woman and infant were also able to flee, police say.

Uninjured, all three were picked up by a man in a truck before the suspects’ vehicle plowed into the back of the truck and wound up in a ditch 17 minutes after the kidnapping took place, police say.

“All of a sudden, (the police) got in the car — I think they ripped the doors off — then I saw bodies come flying out, witness Dustin Horutko told Global News. “They looked like they were wearing really light clothing until they were closer to me and I realized they were all naked.”

Federal police afterward found a man, two women and two female youths inside the crashed white BMW, all naked, reports CTV News. A video from the scene reportedly shows officers surrounding the vehicle before a nude man is led away.

It was just 17 degrees outside at the time, reports Global News, which notes all five naked individuals were taken to a hospital. A witness tells CTV that stun guns may have been used.

The youths have since been released from custody, while the adults—who police say knew their alleged victims, per CBC News—are charged with kidnapping and resisting arrest.

Police haven’t disclosed a motive but believe drugs and alcohol may have been involved. (Also in Alberta, women escaped jail only to be nabbed at an escape room.)

This article originally appeared on Newser: A Car Full of People Crashed. Then Things Got Weird

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