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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa  —  Over a dozen people were hospitalized after a carbon monoxide leak in a Marshalltown church on Sunday afternoon.

According to the Times-Republican, first responders were called to 305 E. South Street after people reported smelling gas and several began passing out. Others were suffering headaches and difficulty breathing.

An initial test found high levels of carbon monoxide. A gasoline-powered generator and several full gasoline cans were also discovered at the scene, which fire officials believe may have played a role.

Everyone was removed from the building, and 15 people were transported to a local hospital. Five of these individuals were later transported to facilities in Iowa City and Des Moines. The victims’ conditions are not known at this time.

DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Fred Hubbell joins Political Director Dave Price for this week’s Quick Six.

Politicians’ job performances, connections to rural Iowans, why Hubbell is running for office, his opinion of fireworks, and his prediction are all part of the discussion.