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CENTERVILLE, Iowa — Lisa Eddy works three jobs. She`s the curator at the Appanoose County Historical & Coal Mining Museum and she also works as a church secretary, and has a graphic design business. None of those jobs offer insurance. Eddy’s husband works at feed store in town, which also does not offer insurance. However, Eddy has high blood pressure and asthma and so she needs health insurance.

Eddy and her husband can no longer claim their 20 year old son, who has his own job now, as a dependent, and so she and her husband are right on the line of the income threshold that determines whether they qualify for subsidies.

“…$64,950, I think that`s the threshold number for a family of two,” said Eddy. “And, so, if we take the subsidies we will have to make sure that we don`t make that much. And if we don`t take the subsidies and just go on, you know, make a little bit more than that, which it wouldn`t be a lot more than that, it would just be a little bit more than that, then we will have to pay $25,000 in premiums.”

Eddy says that doesn’t leave her with any good options.




DES MOINES, Iowa — For most it is a dream come true.  “Getting drafted, making it to the big leagues, making the all-star game, now he’s in the World Series,” said Scott Krava, a longtime friend of Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher Tony Watson.

It is a proud moment for Iowans each time the former Dallas Center-Grimes star has taken the mound in this years World Series but to those who have grown up alongside Watson as fellow Mustangs, Krava, the left-handed reliever’s ability to rise to the sports pinnacle event was predicted long ago.  “He was so dominant.  I’m not surprised by anything he does.  I think he gave up one run his senior year in high school which is insane,” said Krava.

After Game 6, Tony Watson earned his second win of this year’s World Series.  Rare air he now shares with Dodgers greats and former MVP pitchers. Krava described a recent text conversation, saying, “We have a little group chat we are in and I said, ‘Two wins, that’s pretty cool.’ He said later that evening, he responded with Sandy Koufax, Orel Hershiser, Tony Watson.  That’s pretty good company to be mentioned with.”

Krava says no moment is too big for Watson.  “He’s in game mode, he’s in dominate mode all the time.  That’s just how he’s always been.”  Even though he went from rural Iowa to the bright lights of Hollywood, Watson’s vision is clear.  It’s a mentality that was instilled in us at Dallas Center-Grimes.  To set your goals high, to dream big and work hard.”

In fact, Watson helped Krava seek his own dream of starting a clothing line dreaming big.  “When I started the company I ran it by him to get his thoughts and he agreed it was a great message.”

Now with the roles reversed, Krava is cheering for Watson to achieve his dream of winning a World Series title.  “We might have a shirt there waiting for him if they win tonight.  One of the ‘It Was All a Dream’ shirts in Dodger blue, but we’ll see I don`t want to jinx it,” he said.